Interesting People of Payso​n Arizona

deanna viggiani

Flower & Gift Shop Owner

Designer, Dreamer, Creative, Community Involvement, Business Owner

brian inman

Real Estate Agent

Father, Outdoorsmen, Explorer, Community Involvement, Top Selling Real Estate Agent

laura hartnell

Mortgage Loan Officer

American Pacific Mortgage Company, Loan Advisor

joshua gonzales

Flooring Company Owner

Chef, Father, Husband, Handyman, Business Owner, Entrepreneur

tracy gonzales

School Teacher

Yoga Instructor, Mother, Wife, Restaurant Management, 260 Cafe

troy julius

Computer Guy

Community Involvement, IT Computer Nerd, Website Master, Real Estate.

joe williams


Helping to improve Tax laws in the state of Arizona

J. Dee Flake


Honorable, Judicial System

David E. Wolak

Pro Tempore

Officer of the Senate presiding over the chamber

Timothy M. Wright

Presiding Judge Div II.

Guest Instructor at Arizona Law Enforcement Academy, Lecturer, Active in the local School system

bryan b. chambers

Judge Div I.

Boy Scouts of America Troop 883, Honored “Presidential Award”

Zane grey

American Author & Dentist

Popular adventure novels, (Born 1872 - 1939)



40 years Arizona Native, Pilot, Underwater Dive Team

james menlove

County Manager

ASU BS Degree in Accounting, & Certificate of Public Management

tom morrissey

Previous Ex-Mayor

Musician, Film Production, Law Enforcement & Political Activism & US Marshal

rebecca acord

Fudge & Gift Shop Owner

Homemade fudge crafter

Mensur Duzic

Chef who uses fresh ingredients

Duza's Kitchen, Amazing Bosnian Chef

mike & marsha

Fish & Chips Restaurant Owners

Serving up freshly cut Wild Alaskan Cod hand battered

george & melissa

Taxi & Limousine Service

Rideshare Taxi and Limousine Service, Veteran owned.

Dan Harris

Home Inspector

Home Inspections & Personalized Gifts, Promotional Items on Mugs & more

kyle hoyt

Gym Manager / Owner

Get fit, exercise at Arizona 24/7 Fitness Club

Paul Adams

Landscaping & Removal

Adams Family Junk removal and landscaping services.

Craig Miller

Photographer & Music DJ

Amazing Wildlife Photographs.

Soren James

Gifted Photographer

Inspiring Images, Beautiful Outdoor Images

Winter M. Collins

Beauty Consultant & Photographer

Beauty Consultant at The Lip Chicks By Susan & Winter